Poems in Motion -
a hypnotic journey through
the universe of words

Opening event of the project,
with free access, Friday 13 October, at the Uzina Foto

Poems in Motion launches in full force, bringing a fresh and dynamic breeze to the local cultural landscape with an exuberant event scheduled at the Uzina Foto on 13 October from 7 PM.

Imagine a symphony where the written word is freely manifested alongside vibrant images and musical notes that complete a unique experience. A unique and innovative project, conceived by Republic Production and supported by the Ministry of Culture through the ACCES 2023 – Written Culture programme, comes with the promise of a surprising evening.

Mask Group 29

"Poems in Motion" will open your appetite for art with:

Mask Group 30

4 original poems: The Garden of Lost Toys by Gabriela Feceoru, Chatelaine by Péter Demény, Breaking the Waves Yesterday at this Time by Henriette Kemenes and Underground Love by Andrei Vornicu.

4 video poems that start from the word and create a unique cinematic experience.

The Garden of Lost Toys, Gabriela Feceoru
Chatelaine, Péter Demény
Underground love, Andrei Vornicu
Poeme in miscare
Mask Group 32

4 original songs, meticulously constructed to complement the beauty of each videopoem.

At Uzina Foto each poem will come to life through live reading, performed by actors who have also audio recorded them while in the background, the images from the videopoems and the musical notes will complete the atmosphere. The event is supported by a campaign to promote these productions, amplified with the help of the online medium and a partnership with SECOLUL 21 magazine. The video poems will be available on Republic Production’s YouTube channel.

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Project funded by the Ministry of Culture