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Originality. That's what it is about. Music production means everything - guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice, specialized software. All combined in a unique blend, processed to the smallest details and defined by the artist's style. We compose, record and release undeniable albums and singles.

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High-quality logistics combined with the rich experience of our team, both in the musical and technical field. We get a mix of voice, instruments, and effects that can be found in an indisputable result. We redefine mastering by outlining its primary meaning and we can say that we have all the necessary elements for a successful single or album.

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Each artist is distinguished by the originality of the musical style, which we emphasize at the time of audio editing. The voice is recorded and carefully processed to highlight its naturalness and timbre, modulation, harmonics, uniqueness. We work with the most complex instrument, so the details are extremely important to preserve the elements that define the artistic style.

sound design
Sound design

Involves the manipulation and the handling of the recorded or composite sounds and of the musical effects embodied in the unique amalgam defined by the artist's style. Our sound design team ensures that the height, volume, quality, and duration of sound fit into the whole story of producing an original single or album.


Our recording studio has the professional equipment of the latest generation. We have tools for audio editing and sound design, production, mixing, and mastering, as well as synthesizers that our experienced team uses to their full potential. This is the ideal place, where original musical compositions are created suited to the voice and personality of each artist.
Our main goal is to harness the vocal qualities of all artists but, to the same extent, we encourage children and young people who want to start a career in music to pass our threshold.

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Republic Production is an independent production house who believes in the "sovereignty" of the artist and its value brought by voice. Starting from this premise, any good voice can quickly become known, if benefits from the full range of Republic Production services: from musical production, video, animation, impresario, branding consultancy and PR, to a full presence of the artist online and offline.


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