Our personality is reflected in all our creations!

Stop scrolling and hit the play button!

The video is one of the most important tools in online promotion. Over 70% of marketing professionals indicate a higher conversion rate than at the other promotional methods. Whether it's an atmospheric clip, a presentation video, or a tutorial, our moving images will make you stop scrolling.


We realize product photos for online stores, catalogs, and even for restaurant menus (food & drink photography).
We also capture the corporate area with photos of buildings and staff photo sessions for a professional presentation of services.
Concerts, launches, exhibitions, indoor and outdoor photo sessions.
We accept any challenge.

Video production

Pictures on the move, captured moments of the story.
We run brainstorming meetings to find the most creative ideas in the realization of music videos.
We propose various options, create corporate presentation videos to highlight the services provided by the customers as best we can. We work on the post-production of the materials from video editing to colorization and green screen assuring that it perfectly blends with the sound.

Aerial video recording

The services you provide to your customers need a high-level presentation. A video captured with drones wrapped in a material that captures your business' specifics and edited in such way that frames run smoothly at the right time will say more than anything.
Presentation videos of the company's events or videos at heights for real estate business? Challenge us.

Virtual reality / 360

Go beyond the boundaries imposed by the monitor in front of you and the borders of the videos on social networks. We introduce you to the world of virtual reality.
Choose to shoot 360, to give online users the impression that they participate at your events. Concerts, exhibitions, launches. Even a virtual tour of the company or the hotel that you manage.


A dynamic and creative team, always open and inclined to offer advice on any photo or video production. Tech equipment that meets the challenges coming both from the artistic world of film and from the corporate world.

We have a rich experience working with famous artists and companies: Aliat Mercedes Benz, Ortoprofil, Threepharm, Hotel Grand, Imperial Inn, Restaurant Nomad, Wokbox, Pizza King, Samsara, Electric Castle, Adrian Berinde, Vlad Dobrescu.



We use camera equipment of the last generation that stand out in their categories because of their specifications or simply because they are excellent for what they were created. Modern technology allows us to successfully deliver complex and artistically challenging projects. We have a wide variety of photo and video equipment that allows us to quickly adapt to any filming or shooting conditions.