Meet the artists and musicians who give colour, form and content to our production house. Artists at Republic Production, people who share the same passion we have for music.

Laura Dinu

A million frequencies, one sound! An unmistakable artist who seduces through genuineness and fascinates through honesty. A unique experience that puts you face-to-face with yourself every single time!


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    Finally a Romanian band that sounds as good as the presentation! A fusion of musical styles and influences. A merge of feelings and emotions. An impeccable mix that will make the floor dance with you!

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      Patricia Hodos

      Do you want to detach yourself from earth and float among the stars? Do you want to fly above the city and get cosy in the clouds according to your heart? Patricia knows exactly how to free you from your thoughts and lead you to your inner world.

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        Vlad Miriță

        A tenor singer with a complex artistic personality! The man counted as one of the best vocalists in the world!


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