Our productions

Our services include feature films, short films, commercials, and music videos.


We have over 12 years of experience in music production and sound design for films.


We work with artists from all over the world and keep up with everything that’s new in our own film studio.

Music Videos

From film scoring and sound design,  Foley recordings and mix & master, to video games development.

We offer video production services and equipment rental for domestic and international teams. Among others, including:

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Production Services

• Planning & Research
• Budgeting
• Location scouting/clearance/permitting
• Legal support
• Accounting & tax services
• Access to local & European financing & support schemes
• Crewing & casting
• Filming & working permits
• Logistic support
• Equipment rental & post-production facilities

A Reliable Gateway to

Filming în Transylvania

Having the correct information and crew at hand, enables you to control every aspect of your production while shooting abroad.

We offer our clients a reliable gateway to filming in the region by providing the best possible local support, adhering to the highest international production standards, through transparent business practices and streamlined workflows. We support the creative process while removing unwanted surprises from the equation, saving your valuable project resources, and offering you the highest possible production value in Transylvania.

With a well-established and ever-growing network of pertinent local contacts, consisting in highly-skilled freelance film professionals, rental facilities, private establishments and government institutions, we ensure our partners a seamless local shoot and a flawless experience in terms of service, quality & efficiency.

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Cinematographer, Editor and Motion Designer

I work as a Steadicam Operator, Camera Operator, & Director of Photography. I believe, outside of technical expertise, that collaboration is the key. I’m passionate about filmmaking. I’ve worked on a wide range of productions, from narrative feature films to commercials, music videos, live streaming, and much more. I believe camera movement (or lack of it) is a huge component of telling a visual story. By specializing as an operator with expertise in Steadicam and gimbals, I can offer many shooting solutions when collaborating with Directors & other DoP’s. For example, the use of dynamic opening shots, long one-takes, music performances, and live camera work & most importantly, make our day. I also work as a motion designer, animator, and Lottie animator. I specialize in custom-made animations: Explainer Videos, Promotional Videos, Logo Animations, and Web Animations. I use Adobe Creative Cloud, mainly Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. I have over five years of experience under my belt as a video editor. I have worked in broadcast TV, Youtube channels, podcasts, and the private sector: corporate videos, webinars, event promos, tutorials, and ads… you say it, and I’ve been there! I will always be interested in learning more about your business needs, projects, and what you want to achieve with your videos so I can craft exactly the clip you’re after.

Finally, I will be happy to help! I look forward to working together.

Mihaela Miklošić

Project manager/ Location manager

I am creative, energetic, and motivated, with a 10+ years experience in the film production field. I have lead diverse production teams for feature films and commercials. I love challenges, and I am ready to incorporate my abilities and talent into every project. I started as an assistant, location manager, and then production manager. I am passionate about cinema. I have studied Screenwriting at UNATC in Bucharest while working closely to express my vision and create quality content efficiently with directors and production teams from Romania and worldwide.

Szitai Eszter

Illustrator, Animator, Cinematographer 

During my studies abroad, I realized that the Adobe package was created to cut, polish, organize and render reality until our inner vision becomes projected. Domestic, foreign, and overseas recognitions also serve as proof that it is worth investing time and energy in self-expression. Whether animation, videoclip, short- or feature film, the point is to shape our creation into something we can be proud of. And, of course, the neighbors grass is always greener, because it’s photoshopped.

Viviana Apopei

Colorist and Illustrator

As a colorist, I work closely with a director and DOP to determine what color palette will best serve the story, using DaVinci Resolve. Whether it is a film, a commercial, or a music video, I always do my best to be up-to-date in creative and technical image manipulation and have a sense of color trends and styles. In the process of getting a final look, I am responsible for both color grading and color correction.

As an illustrator, I create still drawings or short animations for various projects, from books to online ads or packaging.

Ardeleanu Liviu

Professional Photographer

I paint with light. I like to translate what we see and feel into something we can revisit whenever we feel the need, with the help of photography and film. I’ve been a professional photographer for over ten years and junior videographer, and lately I’ve had the opportunity to be the Bestboy on the set of a feature film production and Gaffer on some short film productions, commercials, and music videos.”


Locations are one of the most crucial aspects of any production. We provide a unique location database and location management. We are specialized in locations for:

Mainly in Transylvania, as well as in other parts of Romania.

Motion pictures



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