Step into the most spacious professional photo studio in Transylvania! Equipped with different coloured backgrounds, Aputure and Blitz brand lights, plus the necessary accessories to create the highest quality content. Meet our invisible colleagues: 2 (invisible) mannequins used for clothing photos make it extremely easy to post-process the images. Product photography, real estate photography, photo editing and more…

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Product Photography


We photograph products on white/transparent backgrounds for Online Shops and take contextual promotional photos for Social Media. Or, in short, product photos.

Food Photography

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With extensive experience in Food Photography, we produce quality content for your business. We come to your location with the necessary equipment to create the most relevant photos and highlight the quality and freshness of your products. We then perfect them in the photo editing phase.

Photo Real Estate

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Real Estate Photography is perfect for your Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Venue, or for the property you would like to rent or sell.

Photo Editing

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Professional retouching and advanced photo editing using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.



Professional Photographer

I paint with light. I like to translate what we see and feel into something we can revisit whenever we feel the need, with the help of photography and film. I’ve been a professional photographer and junior videographer for over ten years and lately I’ve had the opportunity to be the Bestboy on a feature film production and a Gaffer on short film productions, commercials, and music videos.

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