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Step into a world of diversity! We are the only Record Label in Transylvania that crosses the barriers of diversity and makes it a mission in itself.

Bird Music Records is part of the Republic Production family as a sublabel.
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We offer you a selection of eccentric artists and colorful creations, stripped off from rigors, barriers and classifications. 

We propose you to hop on a revelatory musical journey that will broaden your horizons and expectations.


Raklap is a young band from Sfântu- Gheorghe, formed by a group of friends. They play post-punk, alternative/progressive/neo-psychedelic music. The members of the band couldn’t fully agree on the genre, so each of us is left to decide alone what they want to hear and understand from the emotion of their music.


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    • Tas Kerezsi (drums)
    • Soma Kolozsi (bass guitar)
    • Tamás Kolozsi (guitar, vocals)
    • Máté Duka (guitar)
    • Dorka Mihály (vocals)
    • Mátyás Hubbes (vocals)
    Fityula Gadjo Dilo Official Video 1 29 screenshot@2x
    Fityula Gadjo Dilo Official Video 3 16


    He may seem unforgettable because of his name, but throughout his career, he has proven to be more than just a catchy name. Boldly taking on a genre that is not particularly popular among Transylvanian Hungarians, he has laid the ground for acceptance and inclusion of reggaetón in the narrow and conservative Hungarian musical palette. Versatile, captivating and honest, he can play anything from Hungarian music to Pop and Reggaetón.
    Fityula is the perfect proof that art speaks to everybody, regardless their nationality, and that there are no limits when it comes to music.


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      The members of Eztán combine traditional folk music with light modern music. They mix their inherited Hungarian treasure with contemporary instruments, highlighting the beauty and power of both.  Eztán are defined by interesting effects, exciting accents, and energetic solutions born at the intersections of folk music and the so-called Western musical culture.


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        Eztan Gyertek fiuk Official Video 1 19
        • Ede Molnár (guitar, vocals)
        • Gábor Ila (piano)
        • Ferencz Ercsei (drums)
        • László Sándor (bass guitar)
        • Zsolt Argyelán (trumpet)
        Molnar Joco Verda Official Video 0 29 screenshot

        Molnár Jocó

        For five years he used to be a violinist for the Mures Art Ensemble. Together with Imre Vizi he proved his talent in 2012 in “Csillag Születik” in Hungary. A versatile artist who writes lyrics, composes music, sings, and produces music videos. Over all, an artist who lives for music and puts  his heart in it.

        His music career started in 2012 and has been active ever since. Jocó was born and grew up in the world of folk music and folk dance: his father was a dancer and choreographer for the Mures Art Ensemble for more than 20 years. Besides his own pieces and his love for the violin, his most outstanding achievement is the role of István in the iconic rock opera István, a Király.


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          The 15-year-old artist from Târgu Mureș started writing her own songs at the age of 13. After winning the Peron Competition, she went on to Öröm a Zene with three songs of her own. Her first song, “Fájt” was released in 2022 by Republic Production and is produced by Bagossy László, the bassist of the Bagossy Brothers Company.
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            We’re focused on live recordings and live music production. Recording and mixing with analog equipment, we provide the highest quality sound you want for your music. Drop us a message or call, and let’s book your session!

            Voices of diversity

            “Voices of Diversity” promotes cultural diversity, supports the preservation of cultural heritage, stimulates intercultural dialogue and community involvement, as well as attempts to strengthen social cohesion and cultural identity in Târgu Mureș, contributing to a more inclusive and interconnected community.

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