Music Production

Originality. That's what it's all about. Music production is everything - guitar, bass, drums, piano, vocals, specialised software - all brought together in a unique mix, processed down to the smallest detail, and defined by the artist's style. We compose, record and release singles and albums. In one word, hit music production!

Mix & Master

We offer high quality logistics combined with our team's rich experience in both music and technical fields. We redefine mastering by outlining its primary meaning and can confidently say that we have mastered all the elements needed to develop a successful single or album. That's what a mix&master studio means to us.

Audio Editing

Each artist stands out for the originality of his or her musical style, which we highlight when editing the audio. Because we work with the most complex instrument, the human voice, details are crucial for us. In our own music production studio, we meticulously record and process the voice to accentuate the artist's uniqueness: tone, modulation, harmonics.

Sound Design

For sound design, we manipulate and manage the recorded sounds and musical effects within the unique amalgam we call the artist's style. Our sound design team ensures that the synchronization, volume, quality, and duration of the sound fit into the overall narrative of producing a single or album.


Whether it's vocals, violin, flute or soul instruments, we can help you get the best quality for your recordings. Welcome to the Tirgu Mures recording studio!

Songwriting & Lyrics

Our passionate lyrics writers are here to help you turn your ideas into the next radio single.

Republic Production Studio

Quality Sound

The place where ideas, inspiration, and hard work come together. Don’t just dream about it. Take a look behind the scenes and see the place where your dreams come to life!