A launch pad for musicians, created in the heart of

Republic Production is an independent production house that creates music, films and animations. We are also taking care of Management, Branding and PR consultancy for our costumers.


Give your music
the breath of a
legendary land!

Here, in a place where myth meets tradition, we incorporate the spirit of a legendary land into local and international projects. We give artists the ABC they need in music and the chance to bring unique, modern approaches to their repertoire. From musical composition (melodies and lyrics) to orchestration and promotion.

A collaborative startup grown in a basement

If every successful Silicon Valley startup starts in a garage, bands or production houses start in basements. It was the same for us: the story started in the basement of a house, fueled by the passion of young musicians who, over time, coalesced local groups of artists, creating and evolving together, always adding to the list with recording studio equipment.
The music studio has grown, expanding not only to the ground floor of the home of one of the project’s co-founders, Dan Mașca, but also as a project in itself. Each member has diversified their careers over time, but the enthusiasm of the interdisciplinary team of producers, engineers, editors and videographers has never diminished. This has resulted in a full set of studio recording equipment.


Republic Production recording studio - a Rolls Royce of musical equipment

Now in Tirgu-Mures

We have tools for audio editing and sound design, production, mixing and mastering, plus synthesizers that we use to their full potential. That’s why our own audio recording studio is the ideal place to create musical compositions that suit each artist’s voice and personality.
We appreciate the vocal qualities of artists and encourage children and young people who want to start a career in music to cross our threshold.

On top of that, we have music production equipment rental services and our own film production studio.

We proficiently use Adobe Photoshop and state-of-the-art Wacom Cintiq 27" UHD to create the design requested by the client. pentru a crea designul cerut de client.

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