Laura Dinu – Primăvara (Spring Waltz)

The Spring Waltz is here! Laura Dinu is inviting you to discover a world where seasons change according to one’s heart. A world where what we feel changes the landscape and the space we are in.

Laura Dinu wrote this waltz three springs ago, on the hills of Jina, following a phone call with her first lover. Hence, an avalanche of feelings contained by the music and text, brought to life by Norbert Kovacs and the Republic Production team.

The video was directed by Attila Nagy and the song was produced by Norbert Kovacs, for Republic Production. The script was written by Laura Dinu and Szitai Eszter, and the green screen shots were filmed by Liviu Ardeleanu and Igor Miklosic-Figo. The animation was done by Andrei Zaitiu and the background art by Attila Nagy, Szitai Eszter & Olesia Mykhalska.