Zorro & Arcadiu ft. Lalee – ‘Man’

Another “Republic Special” settles in for a microphone takeover of the music scene.

This time through an original rap song that expresses the local spirit. The Republic Production team united their minds and hearts in order to bring to life an iconic musical experience.

Vlad Rusu and Mircea Biris, the youngest and most promising music producers in the Republic Production family, worked closely with Zorro, Arcadiu and Lalee on their latest track. The result: an impeccable beat with folkloric accents, meant to keep you hooked.

Beyond the musical composition, “Omule” is a call for honesty, brotherhood and humanity. A sensitive and direct confession of the young generation of rappers in our country, who are interested in the moral values in our society.

And as a music video is not complete without the imagination of the film director, the talented Igor Miklosic-Figo, and the team formed by Andrei Zaițiu, Liviu Ardeleanu, Andi Gherghe and Szitai Eszter brought the story to life thought a sensitive meaningful narrative.